Gametraders GameTraders

Dear Lee-Anne

I refer to our newest GameTraders franchise stores in Queensland and Victoria.

In a couple of words, Well done!

Since I spent a lot of time in these new stores I think some positive feed back would be greatly appreciated by yourself and your staff.

As you know part of our retail strategy is to rent games and before we came across your organization, our stores on the whole were loosing games on a daily basis.

As you would already know when setting up our stores the owners are outlaying large amounts of money for rentals only to be hit by theft. This was becoming extremely frustrating. And when you consider the price it costs to put brand new games on our shelves it was becoming increasingly obvious that something needed to be done to curb this bad trend.

Video defaulters has changed all of this and now we use it as our first line of defense in combating theft in rentals, and for less than the price of a new game it has become an essential tool in our organization. Our losses have fallen dramatically leaving stores more money to purchase more games.

Let me personally congratulate yourself and your team for all the hard work you put into getting GameTraders on your books. I have not only found yourself and the team to be highly professional but I also like the friendly  manner in which all business transactions have been performed..

Lee-Anne, Video Defaulters have so far delivered excellent service to GameTraders and I would have no hesitation in recommending your service to anybody that is involved in the rental industry and as you know your software package is standard equipment for all of our future stores.

Look forward to our continuing relationship.


yours Faithfully

Albyn Hooper

National Operations Manager




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Video Ezy Video Ezy Noranda

To Video Defaulters

We at Video Ezy Noranda would like to thank you for the great work you have done for us. We have used other collection agencies in the past and have found Video Defaulters to be the best and easiest to use. We have a lot of regular customers that sometimes get late fees and it's quite simple to just ring and ask you to delete the amount owing without a lengthy explanation. We can update on the net or call you direct and the staff is always friendly and understanding. It takes the hard work out for us, because we don't have to deal with aggressive customers, we just pass them on to you. Thanks again for making the whole process so easy.


Staff and management of Video Ezy Noranda



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Convenience DVD & Video Convenience DVD & Video

I just wanted to let the team at Video Defaulters know how happy I am with the service that your company has provided. I am staggered at the difference between the ways you conduct your service compared to that provided by the previous company I used.

During my time with them I had 5 different account managers in 7 months. They rarely responded to my e-mails for assistance. At times they send numerous emails requesting information which I had already entered into their system. Searching for answers and re-entering data was not good time management for me. When I responded with questions myself those emails went unanswered until I made repeated requests for a response. The manager eventually explained that they used an automated system and it was too difficult to answer individual questions. My staff and I often found the manager to be unhelpful and he complained that our debts were at the more difficult end of the spectrum. Our experience was that they made a significant effort for the first couple of months and then the service was reduced to minimal. 

I also advised them of at least one instance where their records indicated a collection had been made but I had not received any of the money. The manager said that he was unable to explain why that had happened but that we would have to retrieve the data from his system and send him a copy. Before we were able to do that, access to his system by my company was discontinued.

For your information, Video Defaulters has regularly collected four to six times the amount which was being collected by my previous collector each month.

If i had my time over again, there is no way I would ever use another collection company.

Now I use Video Defaulters for my debt recovery, I can clearly see the difference between a company who is contactable, and actually understands how the video industry works, it's like chalk and cheese.

I am seeing monies being recovered with Video Defaulters with much less hassle than before. Your methods of communication are both helpful and professional.

Thanks Video Defaulters, I now understand why our industry has a video dedicated company to collect our debts; it really makes all the difference.


Neil Haycraft


Convenience DVD & Video



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You little ripper!!!

the default register just saved me from signing up a dodgy customer!!!

sorry bout that just excited that it worked so quickly!


Joe Barry & Jacinda Scutt

The Gate (Walgett)



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Network Video Network Video Quakers Hill

Just a quick email to let you know how happy we are since swapping to Video Defaulters.

Every time we have phoned for assistance/enquiry, not only have we received the required information, we have been treated with respect and have found your staff to be helpful and friendly at all times.




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Network Video Network Video Ashmore

My husband and I have owned video stores since August 1996, and during that whole time we have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Andrew and his staff at Video Defaulters.

They have always been very professional in their dealings with our customers and have endured much abuse on our behalf. For this I thank them sincerely. It is difficult enough handling the day-to-day running of our 3 stores without having to pander to customers who think it is our fault that they have incurred late or replacement fees. Having Video Defaulters there to follow up on our debt collection takes a load off our minds.

I have always found everyone there to be very easy to talk to and feel like I know several of them personally. If I ever have any queries in regard to their procedures, a quick phone call eases my mind. It is perhaps a sad state of affairs though, that I know their phone and fax numbers and can't even remember my brother's number.

The national data base is very important to us and many times we have avoided joining up people who are listed as defaulters in other states. We take their details, then pass them on to Video Defaulters, in the hope that this helps them to chase them up for their other clients. If this procedure is followed by other stores, it can only benefit the entire industry.

We have been approached by other debt collection agencies, but honestly believe we have enlisted the best agency in terms of communication and debt recovery. It is very satisfying to see payments from customers who have abused us repeatedly and/or threatened to follow up with their lawyers.

We will continue to use the expertise of Video Defaulters as long as we own video stores. We are extremely happy with them.


Gayle and Robert Taylor


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Network Video Webflicks DVD Services

Dear Andrew and the team at Video Defaulters,

We at WebFlicks wanted to let you know how happy we are to be back with a company that consistently provides great communication and high recovery rates. As you know we did try another Collection Agency who offered a cheaper deal, but we found after the first few months their service level and recovery rate dropped and was well below what was initially promised.

We feel far more confident dealing with a Company who specialise in and understand the Video Rental Industry.


Kind Regards


Gaye Isles

WebFlicks DVD Services.


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Network Video Network Video Rouse Hill

Julie and I would just like to thank the whole team in recovering our dvd's.

I have been trading for 5 months and with the amount of movies that have not come back for months and then for some reason get returned.( hmm wonder why ) is a credit to your team.


Again thanks



Damian & Julie

Networkvideo Rouse Hill


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Jumbo Entertainment Jumbo Entertainment

Dear Video Defaulters:

I can't believe we didn't do this sooner.

As you already know, for an independent business- the cost associated with replacing stolen and unreturned stock is astronomical. The price is just too much for a small business to absorb.

With thousands of transactions each week, it was also virtually impossible for us to keep up with our chasing in the small window of time we had to keep it current. We found we have debts running way back through the history of our business- and absolutely no recovery whatsoever. This is money we had already written off, and customers we had already lost too.

Admittedly, at first the prospect of handing this debt over to Video Defaulters was a scary one, not only because of the stigma associated with debt recovery and what this would mean for our business, but also in fear of unnecessarily subjecting our staff to irate and difficult customers. It wasn't very long before we realised this wasn't as big a deal as we thought it was...

It has barely been six months and we have already seen a radical change within the business. We have been able to clear our system of all the old debts and sending soft letters out first in increments has alleviated the pressure of dealing with it all at once. We have also seen a drastic change in attitude amongst our staff in dealing with debt, and a change in culture amongst our customers. We have actually been able to retain customers -though communication- that we would otherwise have lost. Video Defaulters have done all the hard work, allowing us to focus on our current customers, and keeping our database up to date. What a breath of fresh air!

In all of our dealings with staff at Video Defaulters they have been helpful and understanding, nothing is too hard for them to organise; and changing details of defaulters, or removing/adding customers is only a phone-call away.

We really appreciate all the hard work staff at Video Defaulters put in to what they do, and making the whole process easy and painless for us! On behalf of everyone at Jumbo Entertainment, Thank you!

From Staff and Management at Jumbo Entertainment



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Video Defaulters Pty. Ltd. was established in 1995 to prevent any video store member from refusing to pay debts or return products to the original place of hire.

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